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1Candy Crush Saga is one of the fastest growing games in Facebook. Currently it has over 10,000,000 monthly users. Do you love playing Candy Crush Saga? I bet you do! The sounds like ”Tasty…Sweet…Divine…Delicious”  make you feel good. But sooner or later comes the moment when due to lack of boosters you struggle to pass a level and run out of lifes. It’s annoying, isn’t it? If you had the chance to use boosters and charms for that level you would pass it without any problems. Congrats! You found the perfect solution! You don’t have to wait anymore, you don’t have to pay for boosters and charms neither. The era when you had to wait 30 minutes for a life is OVER! You will get boosters and charms for FREE! With the tool you will complete all 385 levels with ease.

  • Fill Lifes
  • Free Charms
  • Free Boosters
  • Anti-Ban Protection

Fill Lifes
With this feature you have the ability to fill your lifes as many times as you need. You can refill your lifes just with a few clicks.
Free Charms
The Charms are important aspect of the game and give you big advantages. They can be unlocked only once.
Free Boosters
Which is your favorite booster? Coconut Wheel? Colour Bomb? Lollipop Hammer? You can use all of them and many more for free.
Anti-Ban Protection
Of course we have implemented the required build-in and additional options to protect your account.

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“The Hack is awesome! I love playing Candy Crush Saga and this helps me to pass levels easier and to play unlimited.”
Melinda Clark, Boston
“I enjoy my favorite game even more than before with that tool. It’s really cool. Thank you!”
Richard Jones, Nashville

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